Neo Brasil

Neo Brasil

NEO Brasil has been operating in the visual communication market since 1992, seeking solutions for the most diverse signage, visual identity and point-of-sale projects.

In 2003, in partnership with tesa, we launched the Hang Tab, an adhesive label used to display products at points of sale. Today we produce Hang Tabs with our own adhesive and lamination technology in a variety of models and we also develop exclusive solutions for various clients.

The partnership with tesa inspired the creation of our adhesive tape distribution division and in two years we have become one of the leading tesa distributors in Brazil.

Since then, NEO Brasil has dedicated itself to developing adhesive solutions to meet the most diverse needs and complexities that new visual communication and point-of-sale projects require, and we have expanded our business to serve the industrial, architectural and construction markets.

In February 2020 we became the largest tesa distributor in Latin America and were appointed the first tesa PLATINUM CONVERTER PARTNER distributor in the region.

Neo Brazil Tesa Platinum Seal

Our Partners

30 years

experience in the market

Prompt delivery

with agility for the whole of Brazil


of adhesive tapes, hang tabs and clip strips

Total quality

and traceability of all NEO Brasil products

We bring together ideas and technologies to develop the best adhesive solutions and meet the most complex requirements in different market segments. We deliver quality and safety so that your product is a success.

Segments we serve

Architecture and construction

NEO Brazil Store

Present in the United States

São Paulo

Rua Professor Licínio, 78
Vila Scarpelli - Santo André/SP
CEP: 09051-000

+55 (11) 4422-8100

Rio de Janeiro

Rua São Luís Gonzaga, 678
A S. Cristovão - Rio de Janeiro/RJ
CEP: 20910-060

+55 (21) 3040-4057

Minas Gerais

Rua Piauí, 1627 - Funcionários
Belo Horizonte/MG
CEP: 30150-321

+55 (31) 2626-8016

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